New opportunities are developed through the continuous work of the De Grandi laboratory, in which highly qualified personal work.
The laboratory, equipped with avant-garde analytical tools (FTIR Spectrometer, granulometer laser system, instruments for organic synthesis for polyurethane dispersion, etc.) and it is dedicated exclusively to the research for new materials, processes and so on.

Moreover, the laboratory operates within the quality system by activating all the procedures for checking the specifications of the incoming raw materials and the qualitative control of the production/finished products.

De Grandi is also equipped with a physical laboratory for the characterization of polymeric materials by means of a dynamometer, hardness tester, etc.

In 2017, De Grandi has further implemented its commitment to research with the creation of a new 250 sqm laboratory with very useful tools to bring the research to a new level and to create a link with the production.

It allows, for example, to carry out fundamental qualitative tests on finished products, such as the UL94 test. Among the machines already installed there are, for example, a jet mill, a twin screw extruder, a plastograph, two mixers, injection molding machine etc.