De Grandi S.r.l was born as a trade company in 1936. It specializes in Industrial Chemicals.

The products sold for the rubber industry are mainly chemicals, such as: accelerants, antioxidants, processing aids etc., reinforcing fillers (carbon black, precipitated silica), inert charges (caolins etc.) and metallic oxide of zincand magnesium. Over the year, the company has been working on the development of shoe-making industry, based in Vigevano.

The transformation of De Grandi S.r.l took place in early 80’s, when the economic boom connected to footwear industry was already facing a decay. Taking advantage of the technological experience and thanks to the acquisition, in the 90’s, of the plant in Tromello (Pavia), De Grandi turned into a full-fledged producer company.

The basic idea, that on which each company bases its success, for De Grandi S.r.l. was that of POWDER MICRONIZATION.
The technology of physical treatment of powders to obtain micronized ones was known for years,
but it has never been applied in a methodical way to rubber and plastics industry.

De Grandi S.r.l. has associated with micronization and the production of micronized powders a process of
chemical synthesis of “halogen-free”

flame retardants for the plastics sector such as polyolefins. This kind of flame retardant, conceived in the research laboratories of Montell (now Basell), was developed in exclusive license to De Grandi S.r.l. This flame retardant is now called “DG HF 2000”, it can be used for many polymers, especially for polyolefins. The use of plastic materials requires increasingly adequate and always better properties of fire resistance. Therefore, it is important to intervene on the characteristics of plastic materials in order to reduce the flammability, to prevent the ignition and the propagation of the flame and to avoid the development of toxic gases during combustion through the use “HALOGEN FREE ”FLAME RETARDANTS.